Thursday, August 25, 2005

ASP.NET Articles

More than 100 good articles on ASP.NET are available at ftp online for ASP.NET developers.

Below are few articles, which are helpful in day-to-day programming.

IIS 7.0

  • A First Look at IIS 7.0

  • Componentization and ASP.NET integration are among the many new features coming up in the next version of Internet Information Services.

Visual Studio 2005

  • Customize Sites With Web Parts

  • Customizing site with web parts. The Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox features a tab called WebParts, which includes a dozen Web Part infrastructure controls that make up the Web Part framework.


  • The New ASP.NET 2.0 Code-Behind Model

  • The New ASP.NET 2.0 Code-Behind Model.  This article explains the working of new partial classes in ASP.NET 2.0.

  • Manage Users Fast

  • Add a new user to your system using ASP.NET 2.0's rich API for manipulating users and roles.

  • Master pages

  • ASP.NET 2.0's master pages can help you develop consistent Web apps without the additional overhead of include files, user controls, or third-party add-ins.

  • Techniques for managing client state

  • Working with and understanding how client state is used in your app is critical to putting a good design into practice. Examine three techniques for managing client state.

  • Manage Session State

  • Manage Session State on the Server

  • Client-Side Script

  • Add Client-Side Script Code

Web Services

  • Use Custom .NET Collections

  • Create and use .NET custom collection classes to pass containers of data in your Web services projects.

  • Stateful Web services

  • This article illustrates a programming technique that let’s you deliver better-performing, stateful Web services by supporting ASP.NET. I'll also show you how to use Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) headers to implement additional features, such as custom authentication and authorization, and create more flexible Web services that send and receive additional data that doesn't map to method arguments.

ASP.NET controls

ASP.NET 2.0 performance


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