Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some useful articles on .NET 2.0

1. Comparing Strings in .NET 2.0

Sometimes the seemingly simplest things turn out to be the most difficult. For example, one would think that comparing strings in a program would be simple. It turns out that things can get ugly very quickly, and prior to .NET 2.0 there wasn’t a foolproof way to eliminate the problem.

Here is a good article on Comparing Strings in .NET 2.0 . This article very well describes how to compare culture-invariant strings: strings that must compare identically regardless of the culture. This article takes the well known the "Turkish I" problem to explain how to Compare Culture-Invariant Strings in .NET 2.0.

2. New Memory Management Functions in .NET 2.0

This article talks about the new memory management functions in .NET 2.0. Several new memory management facilities have been added to .NET 2.0 to have more control on garbage collector and ability to check for sufficient memory. This article also talks about new garbage collector functionality.

3. Playing Sounds with .NET 2.0

The .NET 2.0 Framework Class Library includes a new class in the System.Media namespace, called SoundPlayer. SoundPlayer provides a simple interface for loading and playing a .wav file. This is a much nicer and more robust interface than the PlaySound interface that programmers used in previous versions and is described in Playing Simple Sounds.

4. NET Delegates: A C# Bedtime Story

A nice and good article on delegates in .NET 2.0. C# Bedtime story modified for 2.0.

5. Guidelines for Test-Driven Development

Find out how to incorporate Visual Studio Team System into test-driven development practices emphasized in Agile development methodologies.

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