Tuesday, February 21, 2006

ASP.NET Best Practices for High Performance Applications

This is a very good article on codeproject on ASP.NET best practices for high performance. This article explains following points:

1. Plan and research before you develop
2. String concatenation
3. Avoid round trips to the server
4. Save viewstate only when necessary
5. Use of session variables carefully
6. Use Server.Transfer
7. Use server controls when appropriate and avoid creating deeply nested controls
8. Choose the data viewing control appropriate for your solution
9. Optimize code and exception handling
10. Use a DataReader for fast and efficient data binding
11. Use paging efficiently
12. Explicitly Dispose or Close all the resources
13. Disable tracing and debugging
14. Precompiling pages and disabling AutoEventWireup
15. Use of stored procedures and indexes

Click here for the article.

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