Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cracking .NET Assemblies

Today one of my friends send me a link of an article describing how to crack a .NET assembly. I liked this article very much and thought to put that link in my blog :).


This article describes how to crack and tamper a .NET assembly. It aslo explains the process of strong naming of an assemble and how to crack strong named .NET assemblies.

But the good news is that the approach explained in this article to crack and tamper .NET strong named assemblies does not work in new version of .NET i.e. this has been corrected in new version of .NET.

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typemismatch said...

.NET assemblies will always be crackable since it is compiled to MSIL code, even c++ dlls are crackable ;) It sux to have your code hacked but what can you do.