Thursday, June 16, 2005

Linking Code File to more than one project and GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs in VS.NET 2003

Today I downloaded and installed Microsft Enterprise Library and while going through the code I found the GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs file. Two things which were new for me were:

1. GlobalassemblyInfo.cs
2. Linking same GlobalassemblyInfo.cs to all projects in the solution.

I found out that there is a "link File" button hidden under the "open" button when adding an existing item to a project which can be used to share a code file between two projects, or a "Solution Item" in multiple projects.

GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs is used to provide the same versioning information to all dlls. You can delete the attributes from AssemblyInfo.cs and stick these in GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs. Then link this GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs to all projects in the solution.

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